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The human race is finally realising that it has a responsibility to save the planet from harm. In our sector now we also have to try and move forward making our products more responsibly. Absolute Apparel is now at the forefront of bringing you organic, recycled and sustainable garments.


Organic cotton is now available at an accessible price. Without the use of toxic chemicals or genetically modified organisms in the production, we can have healthier soils, ecosystems and people.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Instead of utilising new material to produce fabric, existing plastic waste such as bottles can now be recycled into wearable polyester fabrics. This can help reduce the volume of waste polluting our global waters.


Responsible manufacturing can improve the sustainability of our world. Processes are being put into place where less harmful chemicals are used in the manufacture. Water effluent from dying is being treated so that is cleaner going back into the system than when it was taken out.

Responsibility on our doorstep

Absolute Apparel is comitted to doing its part in this effort:

  • We have been recycling our plastic and cardboard waste since 2005
  • Re-use packing cartons to dispatch customer orders wherever possible
  • A heavy-duty carton is specified in our manufacturing that can withstand reuse three or four times in the imprintable supply chain. Reducing the need for using new cartons every time
  • Our headquarters and distribution centre have been converted completely to low energy LED lighting since 2016
  • Keys areas are only illuminated on a motion detection basis
  • Consolidate inbound and outbound freight as much as possible so as to reduce unnecessary pollution
  • All diesel forklift machinery has been converted to an electric fleet, as with company cars
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